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International summer school of toxic substances in the environment 2013

From 24. to 29. July 2013 with support of the project RECETOX NETWORKING 9th international summer school of environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology was held at the RECETOX.Thirty participants from around the world had 6 days of training in POPs, human exposure and biomonitoring. Practical training in laboratories focused on analyses of biologic samples and ecotoxicological bioassays. The traditional trip to the monitoring station in Košetice also took place to allow the participants to get acquainted with the instrumentation and long-term monitoring programmes that run in Košetice – such as EMEP and MONET. As usual, a number of invited speakers provided very interesting lectures (Martin Scheringer (ETH Zurich, CH), Katarina Magulova (UNEP, Stockholm Convention secretariat), Ľubica Paľkovičová (Institute of Health Protection, SK), Milena Černá (National Institute of Public Health, CZ), Irina Zastenskaya (WHO, EHCE Bonn), in addition to about 20 of our in-house experts.






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